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  • Image: Sakurai Futamigaura Meoto IwaImage: Sakurai Futamigaura Meoto IwaImage: Sakurai Futamigaura Meoto Iwa
  • Image: Rice Terrace in Hoshino-muraImage: Rice Terrace in Hoshino-muraImage: Rice Terrace in Hoshino-mura
  • Image:Ukiha Inari Jinja ShrineImage:Ukiha Inari Jinja ShrineImage:Ukiha Inari Jinja Shrine

Fukuoka. Gateway to Kyushu, Japan’s third largest island. Connecting the world to a region rich in ancient culture and stunning natural beauty. Fukuoka is a crossroads between cultures, cultivating diversity and cosmopolitan citizens who extend their warm welcome to those near and far. It’s where tradition coexists with the contemporary and urban spaces grow in harmony with nature.

Fukuoka is a compact hub. Explore vibrant urban sprawls or endless verdant forests, both within a 60-kilometer radius of Fukuoka City. Zip to the airport in just 10 minutes from the capital’s city center. Nowhere else in Japan will you find a diverse network of people and places in such a small area.

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Despite bearing the Japanese word for island in its name, Itoshima is, in fact, a town on the western edge of Fukuoka Prefecture.
This small town, however, boasts some of Japan’s best beaches, seaside resorts and popular sites for surfing and hiking.
The most popular (and romantic) site on Itoshima is Sakurai Futamigaura, where you can watch the sun set between two sacred rocks that are connected by a shimenawa (a cord of rope used to mark sacred Shinto places)...

Yame Central Tea Garden

NATUREYame Central Tea Garden

Travel inland to Yame City in southern Fukuoka Prefecture and you’ll inexplicably find yourself surrounded by an ocean.
An ocean of green, that is. It’s the only way to describe the mesmerizing, sprawling tea fields of the Yame Central Tea Garden (Yame Chuo Daichaen).
Stretching for 70-hectares, the fields produce a rich and fragrant variety of green tea that’s partially grown in shade...

Nyoirinji Temple

HISTORYNyoirinji Temple

If you love frogs, then a visit to Seieizan Nyoirinji Temple in Ogori City is a must.
Founded over 1,300 years ago, this illustrious religious site has a unique nickname: kaerudera, or “frog temple.”
There are over 10,000 frog statues and figurines of various shapes and sizes scattered across the grounds — the incremental result of a chief priest’s introduction of a single jade frog figurine from China about 30 years ago...

Kokura Castle

HISTORYKokura Castle

The picturesque Kokura Castle was built in what is now Kitakyushu in 1602 by preeminent samurai Tadaoki Hosokawa.
The Hosokawa family’s documents are stored within the current castle structure, reconstructed in 1959, as are the family documents of the Ogasawara family, who succeeded the Hosokawas and ruled over the domain from the castle for 234 years...

★Yanagawa Canal Punt Tour Ride

EXPERIENCE★Yanagawa Canal Punt Tour Ride

The city of Yanagawa is known for its web of river canals that crisscross the city in a grid, which were established about 420 years ago when artificial moats were dug to support Yanagawa Castle.
The elaborate hydraulic system devised by our forebears to control the water flow has been designated a National Site for Scenic Beauty...

Local Sake of Fukuoka

EAT & DRINKLocal Sake of Fukuoka

The tradition of sake brewing runs deep in Fukuoka. There are 68 breweries across the prefecture, with at least one brewery that has been producing sake since 1673.
Others have won some of the top sake awards at global competitions.
Visitors can enjoy tours of Fukuoka’s most-acclaimed sake breweries and purchase bottles in a variety of size and styles to suit taste and budget...

Fukuoka Antenna Shop Docore

ART & CRAFTFukuoka Antenna Shop Docore

Located right next to Hakata Station, Docore is an antenna shop operated by the Fukuoka Society of Commerce Industry.
Here you’ll find the prefecture’s signature goods and edible treasures.
From classic staples, like products made with the famous Amaou strawberries, to modern takes on classic snacks and condiments like smoke-flavored soy sauce, Docore not only brings you the best that Fukuoka has to offer, it also allows you to pick and choose and make your own original gift box set...


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