Perched at the northern edge of the Kyushu Island in southern Japan, Fukuoka Prefecture is one of the country’s closest regions to its neighboring Asian nations. It borders the prefectures of Saga to the southwest, Kumamoto to the south and Oita to the southeast, faces the sea on three sides and Yamaguchi Prefecture on the Honshu Island, across the Kanmon Straits. With two airports on its territory (Fukuoka Airport and Kitakyushu Airport), Fukuoka provides one of the leading access points to the whole of Kyushu. The prefecture’s capital and largest city is Fukuoka, located just across from the Korean peninsula and the edge of China. Other popular destinations in the prefecture include Kitakyushu and Kurume.


Flights to Fukuoka can be boarded from most cities in Japan. It takes less than two hours from Tokyo and a little over an hour from Osaka. Fukuoka can also be reached by bullet train from Tokyo (around 5 hours) and Osaka (approximately 3 hours) and night bus (approximately 14 hours) for those who prefer a longer ride. Ferries bound for nearby Korea, other areas in Kyushu and cities throughout Japan, also depart Fukuoka’s port cities regularly.