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Discover the cultural and culinary delights of Fukuoka.
The articles that feature the stories of the locals will help you discover a new side of the prefecture.

A cultural engineer behind Fukuoka’s coffee scene

A cultural engineer behind Fukuoka’s coffee scene

There is a number of good coffee shops in Fukuoka, but manucoffee is one of the few leading the city’s coffee scene.


Authentic and traditional taste of Hakata, passed down by a mother and a daughter

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘Fukuoka’? Is it Mentaiko, Motsunabe or Tonkotsu Ramen? Udon is actually also a soul food for people in Fukuoka.

Authentic and traditional taste of Hakata, passed down by a mother and a daughter
Made with local producers,delivering Fukuoka’s four seasons

Made with local producers,
delivering Fukuoka’s four seasons

Kyoko Hirosawa, a food stylist, is among those who made the move from Tokyo to Fukuoka,
choosing ten years ago to settle in Itoshima. In this interview, she reveals the charms of Itoshima through her lifestyle.


Local Life in Kitakyushu:
Enter a World of Wild Adventure and Fascinating History

The northern part of Fukuoka — and Kyushu as a whole — is, in many ways, a wild sprawling space.
If you’re hankering for some rugged mountains, breathtaking views and diverse historical sites,
then Kitakyushu is the place to be.

Local Life in Kitakyushu:<br>Enter a World of Wild Adventure and Fascinating History
Local Life in Fukuoka City:<br>Art, Beaches and Coffee

Local Life in Fukuoka City:
Art, Beaches and Coffee

There’s a lot to a city that’s easy to miss when you first visit.
Here’s a guide to experiencing Fukuoka like a local.


Local Life in Yame City:
Green Tea, Traditional Crafts and Endless Stars

For whatever may ail you, the slow life in Yame City in southern Fukuoka Prefecture may be the cure.
Here are some ways to experience a slice of tranquility in an otherwise busy world.

Local Life in Yame City:<br> Green Tea, Traditional Crafts and Endless Stars
Fukuoka Soul Food:<br> Mouthwatering Local Meals

Fukuoka Soul Food:
Mouthwatering Local Meals

Fukuoka Prefecture is a gourmet’s dream — it has countless homegrown dishes and fresh ingredients from both land and sea in spades.
What better way to get to know Fukuoka better than by digging into some of its beloved local fare?
Here are just some of the prefecture’s famous soul foods that you’ll find at restaurants, bars, and Fukuoka City’s famous yatai (street food stalls) while you’re here.


Fukuoka Artisan Profile:
Shiro Araki, Costume Designer

Shiro Araki is a master manipulator. By taking natural and industrial cast-offs and recreating them into fantastical costumes,
he challenges our perception on both costume design and what qualifies as clothing material.
His costumes have been worn by the likes of international and domestic artists Lady Gaga,
Misia and Kou Shibasaki, and his client list includes major companies like Sony Music, Shiseido and more.

Fukuoka Artisan Profile:<br>Shiro Araki, Costume Designer
Fukuoka Artisan Profile:<br>Yusuke Kumagae, Ceramic Artist

Fukuoka Artisan Profile:
Yusuke Kumagae, Ceramic Artist

Deep in the south of Fukuoka Prefecture lies Toho Village, a treasure trove of historic pottery and creative excellence.
It is home to Takatori and Koishiwara Pottery, both traditional ceramic art styles that have histories spanning over 350 years.
There are about 50 potteries in this small village and Kaneha-gama, a small pottery with a tall brick chimney nestled at the edge of a dense forest, is one of them.