Get a Taste of Fukuoka: Itineraries to Make the Most of Your Stay

With so much to see and do in Fukuoka, it can be hard to know where to start.
Here are some suggestions how to make your stay here more magical.

1 Day in Dazaifu:<br>A Spiritual Journey

1 Day in Dazaifu:
A Spiritual Journey

Fukuoka Prefecture is home to many famous shrines, but Dazaifu Tenmangu in Dazaifu city is one of Japan’s most venerated.
Don’t forget to explore the fascinating destinations nearby too!

1 Day in Kitakyushu:<br>Historic Exploration and Retro Vibes

1 Day in Kitakyushu:
Historic Exploration and Retro Vibes

Immerse yourself in Fukuoka Prefecture’s history — both ancient and contemporary. Fukuoka has an illustrious history and there are many chances to discover elements of the past standing side by side with modern structures.

1 Day in Ukiha:<br>Art Exploration in Fukuoka

1 Day in Ukiha:
Art Exploration in Fukuoka

Discover the many faces of Fukuoka’s art scene in Ukiha and Kurume Cities in southeastern Fukuoka Prefecture.

Long Stay in Yame:<br>Workation in Fukuoka’s Tea Country

Long Stay in Yame:
Workation in Fukuoka’s Tea Country

Stay in one of Japan’s most beautiful tea regions, which offers not only a delicious brew but also a wealth of historical and natural treasures.

2 Days on Oshima:<br>Enjoy Island Life

2 Days on Oshima:
Enjoy Island Life

Experience a unique side to Fukuoka Prefecture by hiking across one of its islands and enjoying an unobstructed starry night sky.
Note: Chartered taxi needed

1 Day in Asakura:<br>Healing Hot Springs

1 Day in Asakura:
Healing Hot Springs

Fukuoka has many beautiful hot spring resorts across the prefecture. One of these is in Asakura, the perfect secluded spot for a romantic getaway...
Note: Chartered taxi may be needed to get to some destinations