1 Day in Yanagawa:<br> Immerse yourself in the historic atmopshere of this Edo Period castle town

ITINERARIES 1 Day in Yanagawa:
Immerse yourself in the historic atmopshere of this Edo Period castle town

The historic city of Yanagawa is sometimes called the "Venice of Kyushu" for its hundreds of kilometers of canals built to provide irrigation to the city. Today, the canals serve as a peaceful and picturesque way to tour the city, guided by friendly boatmen who guide you through their lovely city. Start the day getting dressed in a traditional kimono before boarding a river boat for your relaxing cruise. Later, explore a scenic garden on foot, still dressed in your kimono.

1 Day in Yanagawa


Koga Shin Kimonokan (Kimono Experience)

This is a long-established kimono shop that has been doing business in Yanagawa for more than 100 years. The kimono rental plan for sightseeing, called the "Kimono de Machi-aruki Plan," offers a selection of 100 kimono to choose from.
Everything you need for kimono dressing along with a professional kimono dressing service is included in the plan, along with optional services such as women's hairstyling and photo shoots.

English Available.

24-5 Asahimachi, Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture


River Cruising

Yanagawa, a city of waterways, is known for its river boat cruising, guided by the city's unique boatmen. Take a trip back in time, enjoying the historic moat scenery of Yanagawa's 400-year history and seasonal flowers by boat.

Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture

River Cruising


Lunch around the moat

Yanagawa is one of the most famous eel producing areas in Japan, and there are many long-established eel restaurants around the moat. Visitors to Yanagawa should try the local eel, grilled, steamed, or one of the other delicious ways it can be prepared.

Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture


Stroll in the scenic gardens at Yanagawa Tachibana-tei Ohana

Tachibana Garden was designated as a national scenic spot and is part of Ohana, once the residence of the former lord of Yanagawa. The grounds include not just a garden, but a beautifully maintained 100-tatami-mat hall overlooking the garden, and a museum. Stroll the beautiful gardens and through the buildings in kimono while imagining life as it was here hundreds of years ago.
- Entrance fee: JPY1000
- Open hours: 10:00 - 16:00

English available.

1 Shinhokamachi, Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Stroll in the scenic gardens at Yanagawa Tachibana-tei Ohana


Koga Shin Kimonokan

Return the kimono.


Stroll around the moat

Enjoy the Yanagawa scenery not only by boat, but on foot, exploring its interesting shops and restaurants.


Stay in Yanagawa City

Yanagawa has many wonderful accommodations to choose from.
Find your favorite among the many charming locations!