Long Stay in Yame:<br>Workation in Fukuoka’s Tea Country

ITINERARIES Long Stay in Yame:
Workation in Fukuoka’s Tea Country

Stay in one of Japan’s most beautiful tea regions, which offers not only a delicious brew but also a wealth of historical and natural treasures.

Start your workation with a night at Nipponia Yame Fukushima in Yame’s old town area. Yame City used to be a castle town and though the castle remains no longer, the traditional Edo Period townscape is well preserved. Shirakabenomachi (literally “white-walled street”) features a charming array of old houses, shops and artisanal studios.


Enjoy a quiet breakfast at your lodgings


Work in your room, courtesy of the hotel’s high-speed wifi

Around lunch time, have a light lunch at Café and Bake Mitote. This rustic residence-turned-café offers simple meals and scrumptious baked goods in a retro chic atmosphere.


Take a walk to explore the town

You can find souvenirs and learn about the local crafts as you wander around the area. Since you’ll be here for a while, you can take your time to really get to know the area. There are many places to explore, but here are some suggestions on where to start:

Yame Dentou Kougeikan (Yame Traditional Crafts Center) displays and even sells many of Yame’s local crafts. Sometimes artisans demonstrate their process here, and there are also craft workshops for visitors.

Take a walk to explore the town

Unagi no Nedoko offers a broad selection of beautifully handcrafted items made by artisans from all over Japan.
For local sake and shochu, check out Asahiya, the latter located the former Yame County Office Building, Kyu Yame Gun-Yakusho. You can try and buy local and seasonal varieties, as well as non-alcoholic beverages and more.
If you’re into Yame’s famous green tea, stop by Konomien to get better acquainted with it.


Return to work with some coffee or tea, or spend the afternoon relaxing at one of the area’s cafés


Dinner and rest at your lodgings, Nipponia Yame Fukushima