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Fukuoka. Gateway to Kyushu, Japan’s third largest island. Connecting the world to a region rich in ancient culture and stunning natural beauty. Fukuoka is a crossroads between cultures, cultivating diversity and cosmopolitan citizens who extend their warm welcome to those near and far. It’s where tradition coexists with the contemporary and urban spaces grow in harmony with nature.

Fukuoka is a compact hub. Explore vibrant urban sprawls or endless verdant forests, both within a 60-kilometer radius of Fukuoka City. Zip to the airport in just 10 minutes from the capital’s city center. Nowhere else in Japan will you find a diverse network of people and places in such a small area.

Access From Tokyo (Via Train)

TOKYO - 100 minutes - NAGOYA - 50 minutes - SHIN-OSAKA - 120 minutes - HIROSHIMA - 50 minutes - KOKURA - 20 minutes -  HAKATA / Fukuoka Prefecture
Fukuoka Area Map

Let’s Travel Safely in Fukuoka Prefecture!

In order to have a safe and comfortable trip, Fukuoka Prefecture recommends traveling while taking precautions against COVID-19. While filming this video, masks were worn when interacting with other people.
There are occasions when masks do not need to be worn, such as when outdoors, while maintaining social distancing when indoors, and while eating.

Basic Points of Fukuoka Prefecture’s Coronavirus Countermeasures

Fukuoka Prefecture calls for the thorough implementation of basic infection prevention measures, such as avoiding the “3 Cs” (closed spaces, crowded places, and close contact), hand-washing, mask-wearing (not required when maintaining a sufficient distance from others while outside), ventilation, etc. The prefecture also recommends patronizing restaurants and such that have received third-party certification of infection prevention measures and instructs restaurant operators to comply with industry-specific guidelines.

Basic Coronavirus Countermeasures

Avoid the 3 Cs!
In addition to following proper coughing and hand-washing etiquette, the Japanese government is urging people to avoid the “3 Cs” (closed spaces, crowded places, and close contact) to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Poor Ventilation
    Closed Spaces

  • Many People
    Crowded Places

  • Talking Within Close Proximity
    Close Contact

For more information, please check the  Cabinet Secretariat’s COVID-19 Information and Resources  page.

What You Need to Know About COVID-19 in Japan

New Travel Etiquette

The Japan Tourism Agency has compiled a list of infection countermeasures by situation for travelers to keep in mind.

New Travel Etiquette for Visitors General Version
Thank you for your cooperation with Japan’s infectious disease control measures.

Choose shops or accommodation that have implemented health and hygiene measures.
Practice good health and hygiene measures such as wearing a mask and washing/sanitizing your hands, even if you are vaccinated.
Monitor your physical health daily.
Maintain physical distancing.

New Travel Etiquette for Visitors Accommodation,
Drinking/Dining Version

Check your body temperature and sanitize your hands upon check-in at your accommodation.
Refrain from talking when using public baths.
Follow infection prevention measures, even when drinking.
Minimize your time spent in shared dining areas.

New Travel Etiquette for Visitors Transportation Version

Wear masks when using public transport.
Improve ventilation as much as possible.
Try to travel outside of peak travel times.
Try to refrain from talking when using public transport.

New Travel Etiquette for Visitors Sightseeing/
Shopping Version

Try to travel outside of peak times and visit places that are not crowded.
Keep your voice down in public spaces.
Maintain physical distancing, even when outside.
Sanitize your hands prior to and after touching products such as souvenirs in shops.

Facilities in Fukuoka Prefecture

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Fukuoka Area Map

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