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  • Fuji Hachimangu Shrine River Crossing Festival

THINGS TO DO > EVENT Fuji Hachimangu Shrine River Crossing Festival

This representative festival of the Chikuho District in Tagawa City is one of the five major festivals in Fukuoka Prefecture. The festival’s origin dates back to the Eiroku era (1558–1570) when an epidemic broke out in the area, and local citizens prayed for its end at Fuji Hachimangu Shrine. The festival began as a thank you to the fulfillment of their prayers. The festival has continued annually for nearly 450 years. During this summer festival prayers are made at Fuji Hachimangu Shrine. Then two portable shrines and 11 magnificent floats, weighing between 2 and 4 tons each, are carried across the Hikosan River. In 1970 the festival was designated as the first intangible folk cultural property of Fukuoka Prefecture.

Held the third weekend of every May
Fuji Hachimangu Shrine, 2-30 Uomachi, Tagawa City