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  • Yanagawa Ohina-sama Water Parade

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The small city of Yanagawa is famous with Japanese tourists for the donkobune riverboats, which people can ride down the city’s wide canals on guided tours. The city also hosts a famous Hinamatsuri Festival, or Girls’s Day Festival, an event that celebrates young girls and wishes for their health and happiness, on March 3 every year. The Yanagawa Ohina-sama Water Parade is an extension of the Hinamatsuri Festival. Sagemon, small accessories made lovingly using scraps of cloth by hand, are displayed along the water to wish for the growth of healthy children. These hail from the Edo Period, when people would only live as long as 50 years. Mothers would make a total of 51 of these in the shapes of cranes, turtles and other symbols of longevity to ensure their children would live long lives. During the water parade the canals are decorated in colorful flags and streamers. About 200 women, dressed as dolls, and young girls, dressed in bright kimono, ride approximately 4km down the canals in boats decorated with Hina dolls and other decorations. The water parade starts at Suitengu Shrine and ends at Mihashira Shrine near Nishitetsu Yanagawa Station.

Sunday in the middle of March every year
Suitengu Shrine, 21 Inarimachi, Yanagawa City (parade departure)