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  • Omuta Daijayama Festival

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The biggest event in Omuta City, the Omuta Daijayama Festival is held every year from around “Umi no Hi” in July to the beginning of August. Daijayama, the main character of the festival, makes its appearance for two days at the Taishomachi Festival Square celebration. The Daijayama celebration is associated with the Gion Shrine (built in 1640) in the Miike Region. Though there is no literature confirming the festival’s origins, but it is believed to started from the early to middle of the Edo Period. People ride on floats and parade through town while ringing drums and bells. The floats, called Daijayama, are about 10 meters long, five meters high and weigh up to 3 tons. Built from Japanese washi paper, bamboo and straw, the float is in the image of a long snake. Infants are “bitten” by the snake to pray for one year of good health. In 1961, three different local Gion festivals were combined into one to produce the Omuta Daijayama Festival, which has been held every year since.

mid-July through early August
Taishomachi-dori Avenue, Omuta City