Aburayama Citizens’ Forest

All of Mt. Abura’s nearly 175 acres were developed into a park featuring Aburayama Citizens’ Forest, Aburayama Farm, and a Youth Outdoor Learning Center; the park also has a campsite, a Wild Bird Forest, and a grass ski area! It is now a relaxing place where people can enjoy the fall foliage of trees like the wax tree, zelkova, and American Sweetgum. Various events, such as the Tour of 16 Views on Mt. Abura, also take place throughout the year.

Address 811-1355 855-4 Meotoiwa, Hibaru, Minami Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
Contact Tel:092-871-6969 
Fukuoka City Forest and Greenery Town Planning Association; Citizens’ Forest and Farm Management Division
Parking Available; 375 vehicles (Buses: 6 spaces); standard-sized cars: 300 Yen; full-sized cars: 2,000 Yen
Access By bus – A 1 hour walk from Nishitetsu “Aburayama” or “Aburayama Danchi-guchi” Bus stops
By car – About 10 minutes from the Tsutsumi Ramp on Highway 5 of the Fukuoka Urban Expressway
Times Available Early October – Mid-November
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Rivers, Valleys and Waterfalls (Natural Scenery) Observation Facility (Natural Scenery) Nature Watching (Natural Scenery) Natural Parks (Parks) Plum Blossoms (Flowers and Plants) Fall Foliage (Flowers and Plants) Cherry Blossoms (Flowers and Plants) Rhododendron (Flowers and Plants) Azaleas (Flowers and Plants) Camellias (Flowers and Plants) Other Flowers (Flowers and Plants) Cycling and Hiking (Recreation)

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