Mt. Homan

Towering in the northeastern part of Dazaifu City is Mt. Homan, a mountain venerated since ancient times as one that the gods inhabit. It is also famous as the place where the Buddhist monk Saicho (who founded the Tendai sect) prayed for the safety of his voyage before going to study in China in 804 AD. A temple was built at the base of the mountain and many monks and mountain priests stayed there. However, the temple deteriorated due to constant battle during the Warring States period (1467 – 1568), and the few stone Buddhist statues and temple ruins remaining on the mountain give visitors a sense of those bygone days.
There are currently two Kamado Shrines, one at the peak of Mt. Homan and the other at its base. The scenery of every season is beautiful and many climbers visit the shrines throughout the year. Along with Mt. Shioji, the mountian has been designated a course along the Kyushu Nature Trail.

*About the Mountain: Altitude – 829.6 meters (about 2722 feet)

Address 818-0100 Dazaifu City; Umi Town, Kasuya County; Chikushino City
Contact Tel:092-921-2121 
Parking Available; 100 vehicles
Access By train – 10 minutes by taxi (or a 2 hour and 30 minute walk) from Nishitetsu “Dazaifu” Station
By bus – A 2 hour walk from municipal Mahoroba Go “Uchiyama” stop
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Mountains and Highlands (Natural Scenery)

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