Fukuoka City Red Brick Culture Center (Former Nippon Life Insurance Building)

The Fukuoka City Red Brick Culture Center was completed in 1909 as the Kyushu branch of Nippon Life Insurance Company and had been used by the comapny until 1966. However, when it was designated as an Important Cultural Asset by the government in March of 1969, its ownership was transferred to Fukuoka City.
After being utilized as the Fukuoka City Museum of Historical Materials from 1972 to March of 1990, the building was overhauled into the Fukuoka City Red Brick Culture Center in order to preserve and utilize it as a historical asset open to the public; the interior was painted and its folding entrance doors and the outdoor iron fence were repaired. The red bricks, windows, and art nouveau style marble fireplace were also restored to their original states.
The first floor is used as an exhibition room and cafe while the second floor is made up of several meeting rooms.

*About the Building: Government-Designated Important Cultural Asset; Built in Febrary 1909; Area – 281.8 square meters (3033 square feet)

Address 810-0001 1-15 Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
Contact Tel:092-722-4666 
Fukuoka City Board of Education
Fees Addmission: Free
Meeting Room: 800 Yen for three hours
and Holidays
Every Monday (Tuesday in the event of a National Holiday); December 28 – January 4
Parking Available
Access By subway – a 5 minute walk from Fukuoka City Subway’s Tenjin Station
Times Available 9am – 9pm
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Gardens and Buildings (History and Culture)

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