Dazaifu Government Office Ruins

Dazaifu is the name of the government office that was in place from the end of the 7th century through the Nara and Heian Eras (until the late 12th century). It was mentioned in Manyoshu (the oldest collection of Japanese poetry) as a faraway imperial court, and also attracted the likes of Otomo no Tabito (politician and poet) and Yamanoue no Okura (poet).
Dazaifu governed the whole of Kyushu and fulfilled important roles, such as guardian (defending Western Japan) and contact for negotiations with foreign countries.
Today, the site well-known as the “Tofuro Ruins” that was the center of the government office area is a relaxing place for many people to enjoy the delights of the four seasons! The government office ruins around the area have been restored, and a historical park has also been built. The magnificent foundation stones which remain in the government office area give visitors an idea of Dazaifu’s enormity!

*About the Ruins: Government-Designated Special Historical Site; Built in the late 7th century
*Accessibility: Wheelchair-accessible bathrooms; guide dogs permitted

Address 818-0133 4-6-1 Kanzeonji, Dazaifu City, Fukuoka
Contact Tel:092-922-7811 
Dazaifu City
Fees Free
and Holidays
Every Monday
Parking 30 vehicles
Access By train – 15 minute from Nishitetsu “Tofuro Mae” Station
By bus – Just outside of municipal Mahoroba Go “Dazaifu Seicho Ato” Bus stop
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Historical Assets and Castles (History and Culture)

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