Cycling Road

There are total of five large-scale Cycling Roads maintained and managed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism here in Fukuoka Prefecture. They are; the Onga Riverbed Cycling Road course, the Chikugo River Bikeway course, the Hibikinada Bikeway course, the Kitakyushu Onga River Bikeway course, and Genkai Bikeway course.
Fukuoka is filled with nature – lots of mountains and lots of bodies of water. Enjoy and feel the nature of Fukuoka with your bike.

* Image(s): Futamigaura on the Genkai Bikeway course.

Address Fukuoka Prefecture
Contact Tel:092-645-0019 
Fukuoka Prefecture Tourist Association
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Cycling and Hiking (Recreation)

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