Yatai (Food Stalls)

Yatai (food stalls) began as simple, portable eateries that appeared one after another in devastated cities throughout the country after World War II. Given their bleak beginnings, yatai can now be found throughout Fukuoka City. They have become a famed part of the Hakata nightlife, and can also be found in the Tenjin and Nagahama areas as well as along Showa Dori and the banks of the Nakagawa River in Nakasu. Serving an array of food including ramen noodles, fried dumplings, hotchpotch, tempura, and grilled skewers, yatai are a favorite of both locals and visitors to Hakata alike!

Address Fukuoka City
Contact Tel:092-751-3490 
Fukuoka City Portable Eatery Association
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Others (Recreation)

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