White Wall “Dozo Dzukuri” Construction Style

Yoshii Town flourished as an inn town during the Edo Era (1603 – 1867), and from the Meiji Era (1867 – 1912) on continued to be a prosperous town of merchants who made their means by investing the money they made through sumac wax production and sake brewing. This type of financial activity was uncommon at the time and came to be known as “Yoshii Gane”. Although the town had suffered three serious fires by the early Meiji Era, the locals used their ingenuity in utilizing the “dozo dzukuri” construction style to protect their homes from fire. Today, about 250 homes in this region are grouped into a Government-Designated Important Traditional Building Preservation Area! The area is famous for the Chikugo Yoshii Tour of Dolls (Ohinasama Meguri) held every year from February 15 through April 3.

*About the Buildings: Government-Designated Important Traditional Building Preservation Area

Address 839-1306 Along Route 210, Yoshii Town, Ukiha City, Fukuoka
Contact Tel:0943-76-3980 
Ukiha City Tourism Association, Yoshii Branch
Parking 800 – 1,000 vehicles
Access By train – Directly outside of JR Chikugo Yoshii Station
Area Chikugo Area
Genre Historical Assets and Castles (History and Culture) Gardens and Buildings (History and Culture) Cityscapes and Former Kaido Roads (History and Culture) Introduction to Fukuoka’s Specialties (Introduction to Fukuoka’s Specialties) Sweets (Introduction to Fukuoka’s Specialties) Event (Festivals and Events) Strolling Guides (Guide)

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