Michi no Eki Omuta Roadside Station, Hana Plus Kan

With a theme focused on nature, one can enjoy a moments quiet inside this rest stop. The restaurant’s original menu is filled with locally grown products and herbs. In the bakery, Muginomi, many regular customers keep coming back for the bread made with natural yeast. Visitors can also take a tour of the adjacent herb garden. For anyone interested, there are workshops on flower planting and hanging baskets. Expert staff are also on hand to answer any questions on gardening.

The recommended products, Ishibashiya’s konjac

There is a sales space for Ishibashiya in the facility, and along with the Ishibashiya’s introduction panel various varieties of konjacs are displayed. The unique crunchy texture of konjac is enjoying popularity, and they have been sold well!
(The example of the products: Authentic Hand-made Konjac – 230 yen; Sashimi Konjac – 220 yen)

*About the building: Constructed on October 6th, 2000; Building Area – 1,177 square meters (12,670 square feet); Total Floor Area – 1,560 square meters (16,790 square feet)
*Accessibility: Priority parking for persons with disabilities; wheelchair-accessible bathrooms; guide dogs permitted

Address 837-0907 2-1 Shikashinmachi, Omuta City
Contact Tel:0944-50-1187 
Michi no Eki Omuta Roadside Station, Hana Plus Kan
Fees Ishibashiya’s products
Authentic Hand-made Konjac: 230 yen
Sashimi Konjac: 220 yen
and Holidays
Open year round
Parking Parking for 60 cars and 6 buses; 2 handicapped parking spaces
Access A 3 minute drive from Nankan Interchange off the Kyushu Expressway
Times Available Shops: From 9am till 6pm
Restaurant: From 10am till 3pm (weekdays); From 11am till 4pm (Sundays and national holidays)
Area Chikugo Area
Genre “Michi no Eki” Roadside Stations (Products and Specialties)

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