Approach to Hikosan Shrine

Towering on the border of Soeda Town in Tagawa and Oita Prefecture, Mount Hiko has long garnered reverence as a holy mountain occupied by both Buddha and Shinto gods. The approach to the shrine seems to speak of its ancient history, drawing many visitors even now! The vermilion-colored garden lanterns, cedar woods that seems to brush the sky, and vivid hydrangea that bloom every June through July on either side of the stone stairway leading up to the worship sanctuary add color to the scene!

*About the Hydrangea: 300 stalks

Address 824-0721 Hikosan, Soeda Town, Tagawa County, Fukuoka
Contact Tel:0947-82-1236 
Hikosan Shrine
Access By train and bus – From JR Hikosan Station, take the Soeda Town bus bound for Hikosan Jingu Shita or Buzenbo to the Jingu Shita stop (18 minutes); 15 minute walk from there
Times Available Hydrangea in bloom from early June to early July.
Area Chikuho Area
Genre Other Flowers (Flowers and Plants)

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