Museum Without A Roof

This is a ’blue sky museum’ constructed using the track site of the former National Railway Katsuki Line. With narrow grounds measuring 7m in width and 400m in length, this museum is split into 4 blocks such as ”Calm Space Creation” and ”Return to Antiquity”; over 30 replica images of stone monuments throughout the world are lined up, such as Moai statues from Easter Island.

Address 809-0030 Chuo, Nakama City
Contact Tel:093-245-4665 
Nakama World Heritage Promotion Office
Parking None
Use the parking lot at JR Nakama Station
Access 1 minute walk from JR Nakama Station (JR Fukuhoku Yutaka Line)
Area Kitakyushu Area
Genre Natural Parks (Parks) Urban Parks (Parks) Museums and Resource Centers (History and Culture)

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