Yame Fukushima’s Toro Ningyo and “Akari to Chapponpon” Festival

“Toro Ningyo” is a performance that takes place on the grounds of Fukushima Hachimangu Shrine for the three days including the Autumnal Equinox every year. This tradition has been passed down for more than 250 years and has been designated an Intangible Folk Cultural Asset by the Japanese government.
A two-tiered platform that serves as a stage is set up on the shrine grounds. The stage is an entirely lacquered structure that is assembled without using a single nail! The first tier is where automata puppets perform, while shamisen (Japanese three-stringed guitars) and drums are performed from the second tier. It takes about 40 people to put on one performance!
In addition, the Akari to Chapponpon Festival is held in conjunction with the Toro Ningyo performance to promote Yame City’s traditional culture and industries. The theme of the festival is “akari”, or light, so many events related to light take place, such as the Paper Lantern Festival, Lighted Drawing Parade, Old-Town Home Festival, and the Local Industrial Festival.
The automata puppets, lanterns, and Japanese paper all utilize Yame’s traditional crafts!

Address Throughout the Fukushima Area in Yame City
Contact Tel:0943-23-1982 
Commerce, Industry, and Tourism Division (Yame City Office)
Access By car – About 10 minutes from the Yame Interchange off the Kyushu Expressway
Area Chikugo Area
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