Miare Festival

Part of Munakata Taisha Shrine’s Autumn Festival (October 1 – 3), the Miare Festival is a ritual that takes place at sea to invite and welcome the goddesses from Oshima Fishing Port to Konominato Fishing Port. It is a powerful event in which about 300 fishing boats (lead by two gorgeous boats that carry a portable shrine) parade spectacularly around the sound between Oshima and the mainland.
In addition, about 300 stalls line the shrine grounds during the festival, drawing many visitors!

This event has finished.
Date October 01, 2020 – October 03, 2020
Address On the Sound between Oshima and Konominato in Munakata City
Contact Tel:0940-62-1311 
Munakata Taisha Shrine
Parking Available; Free
(Parking at Hetsu-Miya at Munakata Taisha Shrine)
Access 【To Munakata Taisha Shrine’s Nakatsu-Miya】
From JR Togo Station on the Kagoshima Main Line, take the Nishitetsu Bus bound for Fukuma via Konominato and get off at the Konominato Hatoba stop (about a 15 minute ride). Then, take the municipal boat, “Shiokaze” (about a 15 minute ride), OR a ferry, “Oshima” (about a 25 minute ride), from Port Konominato to Port Oshima.
【To Munakata Taisha Shrine’s Hetsu-Miya】
By car – About a 20 minute drive from the Wakamiya Interchange OR a 25 minute drive from the Koga Interchange off the Kyushu Expressway
By train and bus – From JR Togo Station, take the Nishitetsu Bus bound for Konominato Hatoba via Munakata Taisha and get off at the Munakata Taisha Mae stop (about a 20 minute ride)
Times Available October 1 every year
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Festival (Festivals and Events) Traditional Event (Festivals and Events)

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