Setsubun Festival (Naritasan Myoji Temple)

During the Setsubun Festival held at Naritasan Myoji Temple, the solemn Tsuina Homa Ritual (in which offerings are burned in a consecrated fire to drive away evil spirits) is performed in hopes of bringing good luck to and warding off evil from people born in that Zodiac year. The highlight of the festival comes when 250 kilograms (550 pounds) of roasted soybeans and fancy giveaways are thrown toward worshippers from main hall!

This event has finished.
Date February 03, 2018 – February 03, 2018
Address 830-0052 1386-22 Kamitsu Town, Kurume City, Fukuoka
Contact Tel:0942-21-7500 
Area Chikugo Area
Genre Shrines and Temples (History and Culture) Festival (Festivals and Events) Event (Festivals and Events)

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