Fukuoka International Open Marathon Championship

The Fukuoka International Open Marathon Championship is a full marathon that is among the Top Three Men’s Races in Japan (along with the Tokyo and Lake Biwa Marathons) to decide representatives for international conventions.
The runners are split into two groups, one of which starts at Heiwadai Track and Field Stadium, the other at Ohori Park; with Kashii as the turing point for both groups, they run toward the finish line at Heiwadai Track and Field Stadium. While the marathon was known as a high-level event at which new world records were set, the qualifications for participation have been relaxed in recent years, opening the doors to many more people.
Commemorative plates displaying the foot print and autograph of each prior champion can be seen at the plaza outside of Hakata Station’s Hakata Exit.

Photo: Provided by the Asahi Shimbun Company

Address Within Fukuoka City
Contact Tel:092-411-1137 
Fukuoka International Marathon Organizing Committee
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Sports (Festivals and Events)

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