Genkai Island

Genkai Island (the upside-down bowl-shaped island off the northern tip of Nishi Ward at the mouth of Hakata Bay) suffered extensive damage in the Fukuoka Prefecture Western Offshore Earthquakes of 2005, but thanks to reconstruction efforts, the island is now back on its feet.
The island has a circumference of about 4.4km (just 2.7 miles), making it easily walkable in roughly an hour. There is a recreation trail to the peak of Mt. Tomiyama in the center of the island. Genkai Island is truly a place to enjoy scenic nature, and several smaller islands (including Hashira Island) can be seen off its coast. Fishers visit the island during every season of the year!
The wakame seaweed that can be found around the island is now a brand name product. The seaweed has long been praised as being crunchy and delicious, and is being sold as “All-natural Raw Wakame Seaweed Made on Genkai Island in Fukuoka Prefecture”. Harvested between February and April, orders for this famous brand of seaweed pour in from the mainland.
Genkai Island also offers sales of fresh and dried fish, island cruises, and bicycle rental; as of July, 2009, a direct-sale flea market operates every Sunday. However, as the only stores on the island sell household goods, visitors need to bring their own meals.
Local elementary and junior high school students made the guidebook at the ferry terminal, so have a look!

Address 819-0205 Genkai-jima, Nishi Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
Contact Tel:092-711-4086 
Genkai Island (Fukuoka City Planning Coordination Department)
Access By ferry – About a 35 minute ferry ride from Bayside Place Hakata Wharf
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Beaches, Islands and Capes (Natural Scenery)

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