Siraito Wateralls Fureai no Sato

At an altitude of 530 meters, Shiraito waterfall is located near the source of Katsuki River. It’s 30 meters high, and designated as Fukuoka Prefectural spots of scenic beauty. It is known for clear water, and said to live Sansyouo. In front of the fall, a Banryu maple tree grows naturally that lives more than 300 years, the tree is designated as Fukuoka Prefectural natural treasure. In autumn, lots of visitors come to see autumn leaves at the pedestrian and the maple tree leaves. In “Fureai no Sato”, there is a restaurant and souvenir shop. In summer, salt-grilled Yamame trout 500 Yen, local foods of Itoshima, and Nagashi Somen (Somen noodles flow down a bamboo flumes with running water) are provided. Good place to spend time with family and friends in mountain view.

Address 819-1154 460-1 Shiraito, Itoshima
Contact Tel:092-323-2114 
Siraito Wateralls Fureai no Sato
Fees Somen Noodle 400 Yen
Somen Noodle set 980 Yen
Salt-Grilled Yamame Fish 500 Yen
Chiri Somen Noodle (local cuisine) 700 Yen
and Holidays
Every Wednesday from December through March
Parking Available: 150 vehicles
Access By Car – At Hattanda intersection on Hinata Pass(Prefectural road), a 15-minute drive to south on Nagano Pass line
By Bus- Take the bus for Shiraito Waterfall at Syouwa Bus Maebaru Station. A 20-minute walk from the bus terminal.
Times Available 9:00-17:00
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Rivers, Valleys and Waterfalls (Natural Scenery) Hydrangea (Flowers and Plants)

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