Ikoi no Sato Sengoku

Ikoi no Sato Sengoku is a large resort area built in the Sengoku Gorge. The resort includes a campground, a park and a recreation ground. Visitors can enjoy the area year round. During spring, cherry blossom viewing is popular. Once summer comes, visitors can enjoy camping and barbecues! Finally, the fall colors make Ikoi no Sato a very beautiful place to be! Guests can choose from different accommodations in the campground. There is the Sengoku Gorge Campground which has bungalows in the forest. The tent campground is called Kodachi-no-Hiroba, and is also surrounded by trees. For the campers who still like the comforts of modern life, the auto-camping site called Hana no mizube Koen, is just for you! All three areas have toilets, showers and a communal kitchen. Guests can enjoy playing in the river or taking a peaceful walk in the woods! Ikoi no Sato Sengoku is also popular for day trippers who want to have a picnic!

Address 823-0011 2058-1 Miyata, Miyawaka City
Contact Tel:0949-32-0519 
Miyawaka City Office Commerce and Industry Promotion Section
Fees Tent camping: 1,050 yen
Autocamping: 3,150 yen
for 6 people 3,150 yen
for 12 people 8,820 yen
Parking Parking for 150 cars
Access *About a 20 minute walk from JR Kyushu bus Sengoku Kyo Iriguchi bus stop
*About a 10 minute drive from Miyawaka Interchange off of the Kyushu Expressway
Times Available Hours: from July 11 till October 10

Check-in: 3pm
Check-out: 2 pm
Area Chikuho Area
Genre Campsite (Recreation) Amusement Park (Recreation)

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