Sato-no-Eki, Hirokawa Fruit Village

Fresh fruits raised by the sun in Hirokawa. Strawberry picking is a limited-time delight

The Hirokawa Fruit Village is a direct-sales facility surrounded by tall eucalyptus trees in the middle of a paddy field area. Inside the store are a lot of home-made fresh fruits and local vegetables. ”Fruits and vegetables at markets are picked before they are completely ripe due to shipping. If we wait until the right time, they become more delicious!”, says the owner. Inside the store, there is also a cafe space, and cakes and gelatos lavishly using fresh fruits can be enjoyed. At a grape greenhouse next to the cafe, various events like cooking and buckwheat noodle making workshops, band performances, and concerts are held throughout a year. Visitors can spend a relaxing time under the scaffolding structure. Enjoy picking strawberries, tomatos, and pears in the seasons!

*Cafe’s Seating Capacity: 20 seats

<Seasonal Information>
From January to April, visitors can enjoy picking five varieties of strawberries including the Hirokawa’s specialty, Amaou. In the plastic greenhouses, children with round, red cheeks like a strawberry are filling their mouth with strawberries with a big smile.

Address 834-0104 268 Yoshitsune, Hirokawa Town, Yama City, Fukuoka
Contact Tel:0943-32-2413 
Sato-no-Eki, Hirokawa Fruit Village
Fees Lunch: From 680 yen
Coffee: From 220 yen
Fruit Gelato: 150 yen
Cake Set: From 330 yen
*Credit cards are not accepted.
and Holidays
Parking Available; 30 vehicles
Access About a 10 minute drive from the Hirokawa Interchange off the Kyushu Expressway
Times Available 9am – 6pm
Area Chikugo Area
Genre Farming Tours (Workshops) Cafes and Light Meals (Introduction to Fukuoka’s Specialties) Sales Outlets (Products and Specialties)

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