Dangoan is an eatery where diners can have sweets and set meals in an elegant environment surrounded by the clear waters of the Nocho River and greenery.
Once the rainy season is over, about 50 outdoor seats where diners can have meals and relax are set up over and around the river. Spending time in the naturally cool air feels exceptionally good, and some diners even take a nap! Outdoor seats are available for rental from mid-July through early September for 400 to 1,500 Yen per hour.
The recommended meals are only available seasonally. Diners can enjoy favorites like Kohaku Dango (red and white rice dumplings drizzled with soda and sugar) for 320 Yen from May to September; Nishoku Kushi Dango (warm, multicolored dumplings covered with soybean and pea flours; pictured above) for 320 Yen from October to April; and Dango Jiru (dumpling soup containing lots of taros and vegetables), available for 600 Yen from October through May. Dishes featuring koshokei (chicken) and Japanese salmon are also available.

Address 838-0011 196-2 Akizukinotori, Asakura City, Fukoka
Contact Tel:0946-25-0506 
Fees Salted Grilled Japanese Salmon: 600 Yen
Grilled Koshokei (chicken) Kebob: 600 Yen
Kuzukiri (cold kudzu noodles): 500 Yen
Japanese Salmon Set Meal: 2,300 Yen
Dangoan Set Meal: 2,100 Yen
and Holidays
Wednesdays (Open throughout July and August) and in foul weather
*Only open with reservations on weekends and Holidays in during the Winter.
Parking Available; 50 vehicles
Access By car – About 20 minutes from the Amagi Intercahnge off the Oita Expressway
Times Available 10am – 5pm
Area Chikugo Area
Genre Eateries and Set Menu (Introduction to Fukuoka’s Specialties)

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