Enza Mochitsuki (Rice Pounding in a Circle)

Enza Mochitsuki is a tradition carried out to drive away plagues and pray for abundant crops. Dozens of men wearing loincloths circle clockwise around a rice mortar in time to a dance song and pound steaming rice with an oak mallet to make rice-cakes. The tradition originated some 300 years ago, when villagers making rice-cakes to devote to Sugachi Shrine at the Fall Festival scrambled for the mallet saying, “ Let me try, too! Let me have a turn!”.
Although it was temporarily abandoned during World War Ⅱ, the tradition picked up again after the war, changing little by little until it eventually revived completely. It is said that eating a rice-cake made at this event will bring the person good health or easy childbirth that year. Enza Mochitsuki is also one of Fukuoka’s Municipal-Designated Folk Cultural Assets.

Address 829-0113 Shimokoraku Community Center, Chikujo Town, Chikujo County, Fukuoka
Access By train and car – About a 15 minute drive from JR Chikujo Station on the Nippo Main Line
Area Kitakyushu Area
Genre Traditional Event (Festivals and Events)

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