Yamecha Yamauta Nihonichi Taikai (Singing Contest)

The “Yamecha Yamauta (Yame tea mountain song)” has been passed down since the late Edo Era (late 19th century) in the town of Kurogi, Yame City (birthplace of Yame tea). It is said that this local folk song was sung to the rhythm of the phase of the tea-making process called “temomi (tea leaf rubbing)”. With the introduction of tea-making machinery, this tradition has all but died out; however, the Yamecha Yamauta Nihonichi Taikai (Singing Contest) is held once a year to pass down the song to future generations.
Contest participants are divided into one of five groups (Children, Juniors, Adults, Seniors, and Advanced Seniors). From these, the Junior, Adult, and Senior groups comepte in three stages (Preliminaries, Finals, and finally a Grandprix). Over 200 people from Fukuoka and beyond participate in this huge event every year, which has become an important opportunity for participants and spectators to come together as one regardless of age.

This event has finished.
Date June 06, 2010 – June 06, 2010
Address 834-1216 21 Kuwahara, Kurogi Town, Yame City, Fukuoka
Contact Tel:0943-42-1115 
Yame City Office
Access Venue changes annually; contact Yame City Office for details.
Times Available Annually (Specific Date Undetermined)
Area Chikugo Area
Genre Event (Festivals and Events)

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