Agano no Sato Fureai Ichi (market)

This is building where agricultural produce are sold. Located along Prefectural Highway 62 and very close to Agano pottery studios. Sold here are goods centering on fruit and freshly picked local vegetables. Mr. Hayata, the manager of Agano no Sato Fureai Ichi recommends locally grown nashi (pears)! Customers can enjoy the many varieties of nashi starting in early August until the end of December. Why not try the pear with a 20cm diameter? This ”giant”is called Atago (pictured) and weighs about 1.1kg! At first, there is a sweet and sour taste, followed by a sweet taste! Since these pears have a self-life of 2 months when stored in a cool place, they make great gifts! Come on in at the beginning of November to see them in the store! Since 2008, pear wine made from the fruit juice of the Kosui (Asian pear) was first introduced. This product makes a great aperitif! It is also possible to ship this wine.

Other points of interest near Agano no Sato Fureai Ichi include the Shiraito Waterfalls, Agano Hot Springs and the trailhead to Mt. Fukuchi. Stop by on your way to these tourist spots or when you are about to head home!

Address 822-1102 2811-1 Agano, Fukuchi Town, Tagawa County
Contact Tel:0947-28-2017 
Agano no Sato Fureai Ichi (market)
Fees Atago nashi (pears) from 500 yen
Nashi wine (pear wine) 1,300 yen for 500ml
and Holidays
The New Year’s
O-Bon (summer festival) (August 14th to 16th)
Parking Parking for 150 cars (tours buses allowed)
Access *10 minute drive from JR Heisei Chikuho Railway Ida Line Fureai Shoriki station
Times Available 8am-5pm
Area Chikuho Area
Genre Sales Outlets (Products and Specialties)

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