Tsuyazaki Sengen Ethnological Museum”Ai-no-Ie House”

A tangible cultural asset resistered in national list, built in 1901, is a symbol of Tsuyazaki Sengen
A residential house of Kozuma family, an ex-dyer, built in 1901, was revived as ”Tsuyazaki Ethnological Museum.”
The house, part of Tsuyazaki Sengen or gathered houses, which used to be flourishing, is ”Machiya-style,” a legacy of old Japanese civil house. The house was donated by an owner to the city, which is responsible for preservation and management. Various events are planned and carried out by a civil group. In 2008, the builing was registered in national list as a tangible cultural asset for its high historical evalution.

Address 811-3304 4-14-20 Tsuyazaki, Fukutsu city
Contact Tel:0940-52-0605 
Tsuyazaki Sengen Ethnological Museum”Ai-no-Ie House”
Times Available 10:00~16:00
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Historical Assets and Castles (History and Culture) Event (Festivals and Events)

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