Uchino Camphor

The camphor which is made from the extraction of the camphor tree has been used as repellent for a long time. The Uchino Camphor has produced pure camphor using domestically grown camphor tree for 150 years since the early Meji Era (late 19th century). However, after a synthetic repellent called naphthaline appeared, the demand for camphor sharply reduced. There are said to have been 10 camphor manufactures in Nagata Area where the Uchino Camphor is located, however, at present only the Uchino Camphor remains. Around the studio near Nagata Mineral Spring in Setaka Town is filled with refreshing, strong aroma of camphor tree’s extract. The camphor is made from the camphor tree. The gathered camphor tree is crashed into small pieces by cutters. The pieces are stuffed in a kiln and distilled after water is added. Next, the steam gathered in cooling tanks is cooled down and the appeared crystals are scooped. After that, the crystals are expressed by presses and separated into camphor and oil. The completed camphor is used as repellent for clothes and books, and the oil is used as aromatic oil. As it is made from all natural ingredients, the products are safer. The aromatic oil is said to have effect on mellowing the mind. Many people get attracted by the aroma like a deep woods.

*The products of the Uchino Camphor are sold at the Ginnan Kobo (the selling agency of the Uchino Camphor).
[Ginnan Kobo]
(Address) 2265-1 Nagata, Setaka Town, Miyama City, Fukuoka
(Tel) 0944-63-2162
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Address 835-0007 1863-1 Nagata, Setaka Town, Miyama City, Fukuoka
Contact Tel:0944-62-2985 
Uchino Camphor
Fees ・Natural Camphor: 500 yen for 50 grams
・Kusu-no-Kaori: 1,300 yen for 5 packs of 10 grams
・Rirakkusu: 1,500 yen for 5 cubic centimeters
・Rirakkusu: 2,500 yen for 10 cubic centimeters
・Rirakkusu: 3,000 yen for a set of 10-cubic-centimeter Rirakkusu and a camphor block
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*Advanced reservations required for tour
Parking Available
Access About a 5 minute drive from JR Funagoya or Setaka Station on the Kagoshima Main Line or Chikugo Funagoya Station of Kyushu Shinkansen

10 minute drive from Setaka Station on the JR Kyushu Kagoshima Main Line
Times Available 9am – 5pm
Area Chikugo Area
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