The Koryu Building of Ibuki-kan is a recreation of the Coal Mine Club, a section that was moved from the mansion of Denemon Itoh. Itoh, the coal king of Chikuho, held this mansion in Showa Year 8 (1933), in present-day Iizuka City. The high ceilings and enormous pine crossbeams provide a dynamic sense of space. In the Screening Corner, you can watch The Major Players of Yamamura Salon Culture, learning the history of Denemon Itoh and coal mining on Hoshuyama. The tatami-floored Exhibition Corner is home to artifacts and panel displays introducing the social contributions of Itoh, as well as other coal mine operators in Chikuho.
There are 3 videos which play in the Exhibition Building: Hoshuyama Fudoki, Yosoemon and Komefuki Well. With these videos, you can enjoy seeing the village’s nature, festivals, folk tales and more. The Display Room is separated into two themes. In the Mountain of the Gods corner, you can learn about the history and shrine rituals of Iwaya Shrine, with its deep ties to the ascetics of Mount Hiko, as well as Fukui Shrine. In the corner called Those Who Forged into the Mountain of Strength, artifacts and panel displays are used to introduce the coal mines and the people who lived and worked in and near them. Also, the screening theatre shows 2 videos with the same themes as each corner, which you can enjoy watching on a 150-inch screen. The father of Japanese screen legend Ken Takakura also worked in the Hoshuyama coal mines. When Ken Takakura was a child, it is said that he often came to play in this same village. In the Exhibition Building, you can see posters for films and I introduce a lot of documents such as a poster of CM, the chronological table of the appearance work.

Address 838-1702 Toho Village, Asakura County larger section of a village Fukui 2296-1
Contact Tel:0946-72-2232 
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The year-end and New Year holidays
Access Oita Expressway loquat tree IC Yori car で approximately 20 minutes
Times Available 9:00~17:00
Area Chikugo Area
Genre Museums and Resource Centers (History and Culture)

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