Nonomikai was built in the Uchino area where fresh vegetables abound and can be used in making delicious products! Members of this group are centered on three ladies who have worked in orchards, as strawberry growers and as beekeepers. ”We want to deliver delicious and safe products”, is the thought that goes into growing organic vegetables.

”Every morning for 10 minutes, I use chopsticks to remove insects from the chili peppers I am growing!” says Ms. Michiyo Nagano, a member who has been with Nonomikai from the beginning. Once every month, Ms. Nagano holds a cooking class where she teaches students local cuisine and about the traditional diet. As this cooking class is extremely popular, a lottery is held to determine who can participate! Among those lucky ones chosen have been students from Aichi Prefecture!

The goods Ms. Nagano learnt from the wisdom of her grandmother as a child have won high praise, including many awards in the Fukuoka Prefecture Agricultural Products Finished Goods Competition. ”The Japanese people should be thankful for yeast” is the belief of Ms. Nagano. Hardly using any sugar in her goods, Ms. Nagano lets yeast ferment which is healthier for the body.

There have been many enquiries from people who have received souvenirs from Nonomikai. Nonomikai has also taken orders from all over Japan. One of the most popular items is Jyangara Natto. This dish is made from natto (fermented beans), rice-malt, chili peppers and soy sauce and small amounts of burdock root and carrot. Whether with bread or rice, this dish is delicious!

Recommended menu

*Grandma Nagano’s Gourmet Yokameshi Omelet: 500 yen
Chinese fried rice (also called KAHAN rice) mixed with lightly salted chicken meat, pickled daikon (Japanese radish), and hand-made leaf mustard. This rice is then wrapped in a thick egg mixture. Ketchup made from paprika and tomatoes is the perfect garnish!

*Grandma Nagano’s Hormone Oyaki (fried hormone):200 yen
This little gem is made by frying rice flour wrappings with a filling made from spicy hormone and 7 different vegetables locally picked. Don’t forget walk around and try the other dishes too!

Address 820-0706 3260 Uchino, Iizuka City
Contact Tel:0948-72-4755 
Fees *Non-oil dressing: 525 yen
*Pepper miso: 368 yen
*Tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables; all sorts): 210 yen
*Grandma Nagano’s Gourmet Yokameshi Omelet: 500 yen
*Grandma Nagano’s Hormone Oyaki (fried hormone):200 yen
and Holidays
Parking Parking for 8 cars
Access *5 minute walk from JR Chikuho Main Line Chikuzen Uchino Station
Times Available 1pm-5pm (call for exact times)
Area Chikuho Area
Genre Specialties and Souvenirs (Products and Specialties)

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