Iizuka Citizen Festival Iizuka Yamakasa Festival

The Iizuka Yamakasa Festival is said to have started in the Kyoho period (1716-1736). There are 4 teams (Nagare) that take place in the festival. Each team represents one of the four districts in Iizuka. Each Nagare (team) meets and makes preparations on their Yamakasa (float). At the end of June, each Nagare establishes a headquarters and then decides on a color for their area and then dyes their Yamakasa. Then, on the early morning of July 1st the ritual called ”Oshioitori” takes place. This is a ritual where each team practices moving the Yamakasa. On July 11th and 13th, each Nagare practices running with their yamakasa in their district. This is called the ”Nagaregaki” On the 15th, the ”Oiiyama” occurs. The Oiiyama is the race itself. Before the race occurs, at a departure ceremony, which is in front of the plaza Cosmos Common Mae, each team reads aloud their determination to win the race. After each team is finished, the race is started! Each Nagare must keep their speed up in order to make it around the hairpin curve which is directly after the start! Nishimachidori is the home stretch of the race! It is here that each Nagare must run up a slight slope before they cross the finish line! Spectators here will not be disappointed as there are many sights to see! There is also a Children’s Yamakasa Festival that takes place after the main race. A child sized yamakasa is prepared with children from each district participating in the race. The Children’s Yamakasa starts at Yoshihara Town and then moves through many different areas. These include Hon Town and Higashi Town before reaching the finish line called Yokamondori.

This event has finished.
Date July 01, 2020 – July 15, 2020
Address 14-66 Iizuka, Iizuka City (in the vicinity of Iizuka Cosmos Common)
Contact Tel:0948-23-0404 
Iizuka City Yamakasa Promotion Association
Fees Free
Parking Parking for 680 cars
Access *15 minute walk from JR Chikuho Main Line Iizuka Station
Times Available 6pm-8:30pm

Early morning of July 1st: Oshioitori
On July 11th and 13th: Nagaregaki
On July 15th: Oiyama
Area Chikuho Area
Genre Festival (Festivals and Events) Event (Festivals and Events)

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