A ’wishing stone’ is enshrined here Iwaya-jinja Shrine

According to records, on a particular day in the year 547, a glowing object suddenly fell from the heavens onto a the housing of a cave; this object was dubbed a ’wishing stone’ and was designated as the principal object of worship at Iwaya-jinja Shrine, where a temple was built. Similar to Hikosan Gongen, the enshrined deities here are Izanami-no-mikoto, Izanagi-no-mikoto, and Ameno-oshihomimi-no-mikoto. The word ”hoju” (wishing stone) is a Buddhist term referring to a symbol of a Buddha, meaning a mysterious stone that can grant wishes. It’s said that gazing at it will cause you to go blind, and that to this day no one has looked upon it.

All year long

Address 838-1701 4141 Oaza Hoshuyama, Toho Village, Asakura County
Contact Tel:0946-72-2313 
Toho Village Office Agriculture, Forestry, and Tourism Division
and Holidays
Parking 2 ~ 3 parking spaces for regular cars
Access [Car] 25 minutes by car from the Haki IC on the Oita Expressway.
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Unique Landscapes (Natural Scenery) Shrines and Temples (History and Culture) Azaleas (Flowers and Plants) Camellias (Flowers and Plants) Famous Flowers and Trees (Flowers and Plants)

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