Winding Tower of Shime Coal Mine

Completed in 1943, the former Shime Coal Mine’s winding tower is made of steel reinforced concrete. It measures at 52.7m above ground and 430m underground. The structure functioning as the mine pillar was driven straight into the ground for extracting coal beneath.
It is a winding tower, thus had a 1,000-horse power winch to hoist up and down a carriage apparatus.
The building was registered as an Important Cultural Property of Japan in December 8th, 2009.

Address 811-2202 495-3 Shime, Shime Town, Kasuya District, Fukuoka Prefecture
Contact Tel:092-935-7100 
Shime Town Board of Education
Parking Please use nearby Shimate facility parking lot.
Access Nishitetsu Bus Higashi-koendai 2 Townme bus stop.
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Historical Assets and Castles (History and Culture)

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