Yamashita Bag Store

Yamashita Bag Store is located in a room of a 60-year-old apartment on a back street of Yoshii. In the room filled with the sound of a sewing machine and gentle aroma, there are hand-made cloth bags and small old tools. The owner and bag maker, Ms. Kaori Yamashita was originally remaking clothes as her job. She was captured by the form of a French bag, and started to produce bags. Then, for years ago, she opened the little store in Yoshii where she says, “I came here thanks to relationships”. Since then, little by little, more people have been attracted by Yanashita bags. As she uses materials with an old-cloth feeling, most of her bags are soft. That may represent her gentle personality. “Although here is a store, this is the most comfortable place for me. That may be because I’m surrounded by my favorite things here”, says Ms. Yamashita. At the store, even visitors can feel calm and relaxed.

Address 839-1321 Kamimura Apartment 2, 939-1 Yoshii Town, Ukiha City
Contact Tel:090-9605-9539 
Yamashita Bag Store
and Holidays
Tuesdays – Fridays
(Open from Friday to Sunday only)
Parking Available (common parking lot)
Access About a 10 minute walk from JR Chikugo Yoshii Station on the Kyudai Main Line
Times Available Noon – 5pm
Area Chikugo Area
Genre Specialties and Souvenirs (Products and Specialties) Souvenir Shops (Products and Specialties)

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