Kurokoro Mikan (Confectioner Kitahara)

Kurokoro Mikan is a black rice cake completely covering a whole tangerine orange. In the beginning of the sales, it was not frozen like one sold at present, and the reputation was not so good being said, “Although it has an enough impact, it’s hard to eat.” The event which inspired to sell Kurokoro Mikan in a frozen state happened at a sampling party. There, as the defrosting of Kurokoro Mikan couldn’t make it, the partially defrosted Kurokoro Mikan was served and surprisingly acquired a very good reputation!
It is the masterpiece with the refreshing sweetness which spreads in the mouth along with the cool juice.

Address 837-0904 877-11 Yoshino, Omuta City
Contact Tel:0944-58-0915 
Confectioner Kitahara
Fees Kurokoro Mikan: 300 yen
*Credit cards are not accepted.
and Holidays
Parking Available
Access About a 15 minute walk from Shinkansen (bullet train) Shin-Omuta Station
Times Available 8am – 7pm
Area Chikugo Area
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