Koma Kobo Kumamoto Carpentry Shop

Although known as Koma (spinning top) in Japanese, this traditional wooden toy has many different names and shapes depending on the location in Japan. For example, in Aomori Prefecture it is called Sugurigoma, in Tokyo-Edogoma, in Kyoto- Kyougoma, in Nagasaki Prefecture-Sasebogoma and in Fukuoka Prefecture-Hakatagoma.

Kumamoto Koma is proud of its 100 years in business. Along with producing Hakatagoma, this shop also produces a somewhat flat spinning top called the Yamegoma. One of the characteristics of the Yamegoma is the belly button top! According to Mr. Kazunobu Kumamoto, a 6th generation maker of koma, I want to continue to grow my ability to make new tops”. Mr.Kumamoto throws himself at his work by using the skill and techniques of making koma and wooden toys passed down to him. There are many young fans who appreciate Mr.Kumamoto’s immense skill and refined designs. ”I don’t concern myself with superfical designs. I make these tops for children. I choose the best materials, and spend an incredible amount of time polishing the tops until I think they are of the highest quality”

Address 834-0031 1507-3 Yoshida, Yame City
Contact Tel:0943-22-2955 
Koma Kobo Kumamoto Carpentry Shop
Fees Yame Goma (spinning top): 350 yen
Kendama (cup-and-ball game)
and Holidays
Parking Available
Access *10 minute drive from Hirokawa Interchange off of the Kyushu Expressway
*From Nishitetsu Tenjin Omuta Line Kurume Station take the bus bound for Fukushima High School bus stop; a 3 minute walk from the station
Times Available 8am-5pm
Area Chikugo Area
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