Mt. Kawara

This mountain became the setting of the novel The Gate of Youth (Seishun no Mon) by Hiroyuki Itsuki and was made into a TV drama and a movie. This mountain is not called Mt.Kawara by the locals, but instead is referred to as Mt.One, Mt. Two, Mt. Three. As this mountain is rich in limestone, the limestone was mined which reduced the height of Mt.One by half.

Address 822-1406 Kawara, Kawara Town, Tagawa County
Contact Tel:0947-32-8406 
Kawara Town Hall Industry Promotion Section
Access *50 minute drive from Honamihigashi Interchange off of Yakiyama Bypass
*30 minute drive from Kokuraminami Interchange off of Kyushu Expressway
*5 minute drive from JR Hitahikosan Line Kawara Station
*20 minute drive from Tagawa Gotoji Station of the JR Heisei Chikuho Railway
Area Chikuho Area
Genre Mountains and Highlands (Natural Scenery)

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