Tagawa Hormone Nabe

Tagawa City flourished 100 years ago as the “Coal Capital”. In Tagawa houses known as Tankonagaya (coal houses) lined up and the citizens of Tagawa lived a life full of energy. Around this time, a coal miner’s wife placed a paper cement bag into hot plate instead of using a nabe (pot) and cooked hormone. The paper absorbed the excess water turning the meat tender with a mild taste which gave this dish an appeal! Hormone is not expensive, delicious and even more was not an important part of the coal miner’s diet. In the blink of an eye, this dish became loved by the citizens in this area! This is how Hormone Yaki (fried hormone) as well as Hormone Nabe (hormone cooked in a pot) got its start at becoming a part of the local cuisine in Tagawa using local ingredients. After this, a number of shops sprang up specializing in these hormone dishes, some of which still operate today! In recent years, Tagawa Hormone is increasing in popularity as a healthy meal. Many female customers appreciate the fresh vegetables as well as the collagen that are offered in some of the hormone dishes!

List of hormone restaurants

(Address) 1692-2 Tabaru, Kawazaki, Tagawa County
(TEL) 0947-72-3385
(Hours) 5:30pm-12am
(Regular holidays) Wednesday

(Address) 14-27 Uo Town, Tagawa City
(TEL) 0947-44-2097
(Hours) 11am-10:30pm
(Regular holidays) Monday

(Address) 5194 Oaza Ita Town, Tagawa City
(TEL) 0947-42-6265
(Hours) 11am-10:30pm
(Regular holidays) Tuesday

Yakiniku Nanzan
(Address) 4883-2 Ita Town, Tagawa City
(TEL) 0947-45-5489
(Hours) 11am-11pm
(Regular holidays) third Thursday

Korean Restaurant Kan
(Address) 13-31 Oaza Kawamiya, Tagawa City
(TEL) 0947-42-9085
(Hours) 6pm-11pm
(Regular holidays) Monday

(Address) 194 Oaza Natsuyoshi, Tagawa City
(TEL) 0947-46-3136
(Hours) 11am-11pm
(Regular holidays) Thursday

Yakiniku Nagomi
(Address) Oaza Ita Tagawa City
1FL Nagaura Matsuhara Building
(TEL) 0947-45-3128
(Hours) 11am-2pm; 5pm-1am
(Regular holidays) Irregular

(Address) 1286-1 Oaza Ita, Tagawa City
(TEL) 0947-45-3596
(Hours) 11:30am-2pm; 4pm-11pm
(Regular holidays) Thursday

(Address) 813-7 Minamiitoda, Itoda Town, Tagawa County
(TEL) 0947-26-5577
(Hours) 4:30pm-10:30pm
(Regular holidays) Wednesday

Address 825-0000 Tagawa City
Fees Depends on the store
and Holidays
Depends on the store
Parking Depends on the store
Access Depends on the store
Times Available Depends on the store
Area Chikuho Area
Genre Motsu Nabe (Hot Pot) (Introduction to Fukuoka’s Specialties) Kaiseki Ryori (Full Course Meals), Vegetarian and Local Dishes (Introduction to Fukuoka’s Specialties)

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