Ino Park

This park is located right by Inotenshokotai Shrine. The clear waters of the Ino River run around the park, as if to envelop it. Here, nature can be enjoyed to one’s heart’s content, with sakura in spring, splashing in the river in summer, and golden foliage in the fall. Also, the tree planting that has taken place over the past few years in Sakurayama, which is located right next to the park, has gained the site attention as a sakura appreciation spot.

Address Ino, Hisayama, Kasuya District
Contact Tel:092-976-1111 
Hisayama Public office
Access Nishitetsu Bus: 5 minutes’ walk from Ino Bus Stop, on the 27B bus. Iko Bus: right by the Tenshokotai Bus Stop.
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Nature Watching (Natural Scenery) Natural Parks (Parks)

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