Fukuoka Open Top Bus

Ride a double-decker bus!

Creating a little buzz around Fukuoka right now is the open-air, double-decker bus that takes you around major sightseeing spots within Fukuoka City. Sighting of one of these, red-and-blue road vehicles has been becoming a quite regular occurrence on the streets of Tenjin, Hakata, and the Seaside as well as other touristy areas within the city. The perspective of the familiar spots from 3.2 meters (10 1/2 feet) off the ground can be very refreshing.

There are three routes to choose from:

○ Seaside Momochi/Fukuoka Castle Ruin Course

Via Urban Expressway over the seaside of Fukuoka City to Yahoo! Japan Dome, Fukuoka Tower, etc.; all around central Fukuoka City area.
(4 services per day/approx. 60 min.)

Tenjin/Fukuoka City Hall → Tenjin-kita Ramp → Urban Expressway → Momochi Ramp → Fukuoka Tower → Ohori Park → Ohori Park/Fukuoka Castle Ruin → Tenjin/Fukuoka City Hall

○ Bayside/Midtown Course

Via Urban Expressway around Bayside Place and Hakata area for the view of the city; mainly goes through Hakata area including JR Hakata City, Kushida-jinjija(shrine), and the historic parts of Fukuoka’s midtown.
(4 services per day/approx. 60 min.)

○ Fukuoka Kirameki Course (Fukuoka Christmas Twilight Course)

Via Urban Expressway over the view of the city at night; the course covers Hakata area to Fukuoka Tower. (Limited time service during Christmas season.)
(2 services per day/approx. 80 min.)

Tenjin/Fukuoka City Hall → Hakata Station → Gofukumachi Ramp → Urban Expressway → Momochi Ramp → Fukuoka Town → Hilton Sea Hawk Hotel → Tenjin Shoken Build.

*All routes as of November 10th, 2012

Address 810-8620 1-8-1 Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City Fukuoka Prefecture (Fukuoka City Hall 1st fl. ticket counter)
Contact Tel:0120-489-939 
Fukuoka Open Top Bus Reservations
Fees ■ Price
Adults: 1,500 yen
Children (4 yrs. old – 6th grade): 750 yen

■ Programs
○ 1-day unlimited ride pass for one ”Fukuoka Open Top Bus” route
○ Fukuoka City Loop Bus ”Green” 1-day unlimited ride pass
○ 1-day unlimited ride pass for all ”Central Fukuoka Free Area” regular buses

[Tickets available at]
Fukuoka City Hall 1st floor lobby – Bus Ride ticket counter
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Town Strolling, Leisure and Shopping (Recreation) Others (Recreation)

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