Izuka, or Chikuho-Kahan region, is situated right along the ”Sugar Road” – a major passage to Nagasaki, the international trade hub during the Edo. It also flourished during Japan’s industrial revolution period for its coal mining business. The movement propelled the historic growth and rapid modernization of Japanese economy. Combining the history of sweet making and coal mining, the event titled KURO SELECTION, meaning ”black” in Japanese, brings the region’s top-quality and most-popular confectionaries together to create KURO SELECTION original sweets and cakes. Enjoy the premium, elegant treats of Chikuho-Kahan.

Address Within Izuka City and other areas.
Contact Tel:092-643-3180 
Fukuoka prefecture wide regional promotion section
Fees Varies on location.
and Holidays
Varies on location.
Parking Varies on location.
Times Available Varies on location.
Area Chikuho Area
Genre Sweets (Introduction to Fukuoka’s Specialties)

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