Ainoshima Island

Only 17 minutes from Shingu Port, Ainoshima is a historic island often mentioned in poetries such as the Man’yoshu and the Shokukokin Wakashu. The island is home to some of the most interesting spots in the region, such as the national historic site of Ainoshima Rock-mound Tumuli, Hanagurise rock formation, a columnar jointing sheer cliff, ancient shrines, and so forth.
Most of these are located along the 5.4-kilometer road that loops around the island, and many take advantage of the route as a hiking course. It is also a great birdwatching route as migratory birds nest here on the island along the way.
Ainoshima is also quite internationally renowned for its high volume of stray cats, earning the nickname ”Cat Haven Island”.

Address 811-0118 Ainoshima, Shingu, Kasuya District, Fukuoka Prefecture
Contact Tel:092-962-0238 
Shingu Town Life Promotion Division, Ferry Line Section
Fees [Fee for Ainoshima – Shingu ferry line]
Adult, one way: 460yen
Child, one way: 230yen
Access Access to the port to Ainoshima
◆ Nishitetsu Kaizuka line: from Nishitetsu Shingu Station → the community bus: Ai-land line (route #2) about a 20-min ride.
◆ JR Kyushu Kagoshima main line: from JR Fukkodaimae Station → the community bus: Ai-land line (route #1) about a 15-min ride.
* The community bus: 100yen
From the Shingu Port, the ferry ride is about 17 min. 5 to 6 departing each day; however, it could vary depending on the season/weather.
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Beaches, Islands and Capes (Natural Scenery) Ancient Burial Mounds and Ruins (History and Culture)

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