Kousouji Tumulus

Kousouji Tumulus is located in north-western part of Umi Town and the oldest and biggest Zenpokoenfun (large keyhole-shaped tomb) (approximately 54m in full length, the back circular part approximately 34m in diameter and front part approximately 20m. the front square part has two tiers and the back circular part has three tiers) in Kasuya County that was constructed in the late 3rd century. It has been said that it is a tomb of King of Fumikoku in the Yamataikoku era. It is one of the National Historical Sites.

Address 811-2123 3-4537-11 Koshoji, Umi Town, Kasuya County
Contact Tel:092-934-2370 
Umi Town Community Development Division
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Ancient Burial Mounds and Ruins (History and Culture)

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