The sacred cherry blossom of the Heike, Heike Ippon Sakura

Located to the southwest of Kanamegawa Park, this is a cherry blossom located at the top of Mt. Tenboko at a spot that overlooks all of the Kanamegawa River, which was the site of the final decisive battle between the Heike clan and the Genji clan. (Taira clan and Minamoto clan).
This tree is believed to harbor all of the souls of the Heike clan who died, and is lovingly referred to as the ”Sacred Tree of the Heike.” This area is dotted with single cherry blossoms, and as a collective they are referred to as the ”Heike Godai-san Sakura.” The ”Mt. Tenboko Heike Ippon Sakura” is said to be 18m tall, 2.5m in trunk circumference, and around 250 years old.

Time period: Late March – Early April

Address Koda Area, Yamakawa Town, Miyama City
Contact Tel:0944-64-1523 
Miyama City Commerce and Industry Tourism Department
Access Located about a 45-minute walk from Kanamegawa Park.
Area Chikugo Area
Genre Cherry Blossoms (Flowers and Plants)

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